Thursday, 21 January 2016

Martin Shaw

Martin Shaw is 70 today

I first saw Martin in Doctor in the house, but it was his role in the professionals that I have stronger memories of.  I watched it initially as the new vehicle for Gordon Jackson as my mum had me sitting through Upstairs, Downstairs and I soon grew to love the dour scot.  However in the professionals he had real competition in Martin as Doyle and Lewis Collins as Bodie, (which has to be said in a dour scot's accent even now).
Martin was a theatre actor first and continued with that but he has given us some enjoyment when he has ventured into TV, Judge John Deed, Inspector Gentle, Cranford he has played Dalgleish twice, it would have been nice if he had given us more, but he seems to come across as an actor who wants to keep moving on, trying new characters and switching between stage and TV. He has given us voice overs and even done a music video, not bad for an old Thespian. 
My favourite was when he was Chauvelin in the Scarlet pimpernel, with his long hair, very handsome. I am slightly biased as it is also one of my favourite books, I have a very old tatty copy that I picked up at a jumble sale years ago. 

           Happy Birthday Martin       

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  1. He's one of my favourites, too. I love him as George Gently..still damnably handsome. He was a sort of British Ken Hutchinson in Bodie and Doyle, the professionals was wonderfully tongue-in-cheek...great stuff!